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Respond to technical support and helpdesk inquiries for internal and external customers
Respond to inquiries related to PCs and IT using various communication tools such as telephone, e-mail, and chat.
<Specifically, this position is responsible for the following tasks
Respond to inquiries about PC problems and systems.
Responds to inquiries about PC settings and products, such as e-mail and environment.

■Management and purchasing of PCs, OA equipment, company smartphones, etc.
└Responds to replacements, maintenance arrangements, etc. Also manages data on various devices.

Set up accounts for PCs and various company-wide tools when employees enter and leave the company.
We issue and delete accounts, register personnel to various tools, etc.

In addition, we manage software licenses, etc.

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Technical support

  • Contract employee
Estimated annual salary: 3,160,000 yen to 3,779,400 yen (including bonus) for the first year
Monthly salary: 250,000 yen to 299,000 yen
Working hours/
Working hours: 9:00 - 17:30 (1 hour 00 minutes break)
Please work 7.5 hours per day within the above time zone.
*Little overtime work (average 10-20 hours or less per month)
More than 120 days off per year!
Any of the following work experience
At least 1 year of help desk or technical support experience
JLPT N1 or higher
Work location
Social insurance (health insurance, employee pension, unemployment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance)
We are the only company that accepts applications from overseas residents.
【Our service】
Preparation of application documents
Interview preparation

Visa application support
Travel expenses (paid by the company)
Company housing
Japanese language lessons until work begin
Interview Preparation
Tips for Passing Interviews.
Free interview preparation is available.
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