How to prepare for an interview that will surely get you a job offer

You can prepare for an interview with a Japanese company and receive a job offer by simply watching and preparing for the following four videos.

Please watch to the end and practice as many times as you can.

Questions that must be asked in an interview

What questions are asked in a Japanese interview?

In this video, you will learn the four questions that are always asked and how to answer them.

To get a job offer, you should know the questions in advance and prepare your answers.

② Other must-ask questions and anticipated questions that will be asked.

You will be asked a variety of questions during the interview.

We will tell you all the questions that must be asked and the anticipated questions that will be asked.

The actual questions are also included in the video.

③ Business Japanese you should definitely use in interviews

Using these words in an interview, even if you do not have JLPTN2, you will be able to use words at an equivalent level.

We encourage you to use these words in your interviews.

④ How to communicate with Japanese people

Finally, learn the most important thing.

If you can communicate clearly to Japanese people, you will receive a job offer.

In fact, those with JLPT N1 who do not know how to communicate in this way have been rejected.

However, there have been many cases where even N4 level candidates have received job offers if they knew how to communicate in this way.

Be sure to watch this video as it is the most important.

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