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As a system development engineer, you will be responsible for developing web systems and smartphone applications.
We are committed to having you consistently involved from upstream to downstream, so there are almost no spot-on projects such as only the manufacturing process or only the testing process, and we expect you to start in a field where you can make use of your past experience. However, we will work with you to decide on a project so that you can build a career in line with your wishes.

Our customers are diverse, including system integrators, in-house service providers (EC sites), and business companies.
The ratio of prime projects is approximately 75%, and you can work directly with end users in many sites.
We place great importance on team assignments, and some of our clients have a track record of employing 5 to 8 people from our company.

System Engineer

Annual income 4,800,000 yen - 6,500,000 yen
Working hours/
9:00-18:00 (8 hours of actual work/1 hour of break)
Over 124 days off per year (2022)
Paid vacation 10-20 days
Any of the following work experience
High school graduate or above

・WEB system development experience using open languages (more than 3 years)
┗Java, PHP, Python (*Framework required)
・Whether you were involved in web systems
┗Do you have experience working with FW in JavaScript (especially!), HTML, CSS, etc.
・Those who have experience after detailed design and can respond in the first person
JLPT N1 or higher
Work location
Fully equipped with various social insurance (employment, workers' compensation, health, welfare pension)
We are the only company that accepts applications from overseas residents.
【Our service】
Preparation of application documents
Interview preparation

Visa application support
Travel expenses (paid by the company)
Company housing
Japanese language lessons until work begin
Interview Preparation
Tips for Passing Interviews.
Free interview preparation is available.
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