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You will be responsible for customer support for bilingual projects.

■Job overview:
You will be involved in operational projects using Japanese and English.
This is mainly a user support type operation project, and there are many projects where support is provided by touching the actual machine.

■Project example:
・Bilingual help desk work at a major foreign-affiliated pharmaceutical company in Tokyo
- Mainly client PC, Mobile Phone and peripheral device support
- User support will mainly be in Japanese, and we will collaborate with overseas engineers in English.

Infrastructure Engineer 【Bilingual Engineer】

275,000 yen~
Basic salary: 235,000 yen~
Deemed overtime pay: 30,000 yen
Regional allowance: Region A (Tokyo) 25,000 yen
Working hours/
9:00-18:00 (Prescribed working hours: 8 hours 0 minutes)
Shift work is available depending on the project (night shift is available).

Complete 2-day weekend system (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
New Year holidays
Congratulatory and condolence leave
Paid vacation
Prenatal/postnatal leave
Childcare leave
Any of the following work experience
≫Infrastructure Engineer with at least 1 year of experience
≫At least 1 year of experience as a development engineer
≫At least 1 year of help desk experience

Work location
Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya
Full transportation expenses paid
Family allowance (eligible dependents: spouse 10,000 yen, child 5,000 yen, parent 3,000 yen/applicable from the second year of employment)
Position allowance
Telework allowance (partial subsidy for miscellaneous expenses/realized based on employee feedback!)
Long service bonus (paid to eligible employees in their 10th and 20th year of service)
We are the only company that accepts applications from overseas residents.
【Our service】
Preparation of application documents
Interview preparation

Visa application support
Travel expenses (paid by the company)
Company housing
Japanese language lessons until work begin
Interview Preparation
Tips for Passing Interviews.
Free interview preparation is available.
【Must Read】
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