Vocabulary words that you can use in an interview

Let’s learn about the Japanese language commonly used in interviews and how to use it.

There are four words to describe a company.

① 会社/かいしゃ


③ 御社/おんしゃ 

④ 貴社/きしゃ 

⑤ 弊社/へいしゃ

The only word you will use in an interview is おんしゃ, so please remember this only.


かいしゃ and きぎょう have the same meaning.

おんしゃ, きしゃ and へいしゃ have different meanings.

おんしゃ means your company. へいしゃ means my company.

おんしゃ and きしゃ means the same thing, but おんしゃ is verbal and きしゃ is written.

When you talk to the company you are applying, you should use おんしゃ, and when writing on your resume, you should say きしゃ.


Used words in Interview


①入社する(にゅうしゃする)Joining the company

It means to enter a company.


I’ll be joining this February.



To resign from a company


I left that company last year.


③転職する(てんしょくする)Changing jobs

It means to quit your current company and join a new company.


I don’t like my current job, so I’ll move to a new company.


④前職(ぜんしょく)Previous company

⑤現職(げんしょく)Current company

The meaning of ぜんしょく indicates the previous company, the meaning of げんしょく indicates the current company. When you want to describe your previous job in an interview, you use ぜんしょくでは~


In my previous job, I worked in marketing.


When you tell the interviewer about your job at your current company, you use げんしょくでは~


I am an engineer in my current position.


If it is difficult, you can say, 前職=前(まえ)の会社(かいしゃ)では /  現職=今(いま)の会社(かいしゃ)では


⑥担当する(たんとうする)In charge of

Describe a job that you are currently doing.


I am in charge of designing automotive components.


⑦経験する(けいけん) Experienced

Describe the work you have done.


In my previous job, I had a variety of experiences, not only in design but also in management.


⑧貢献する(こうけんする) Contribute

When you represent working for a company.


I would like to contribute my five years of experience to your company.


➈即戦力(そくせんりょく) Ready to work

It means that you can work immediately because you have experienced.


I have worked as an engineer for 5 years so far and can work immediately.


⑩活躍する(かつやくする) active

It means move a lot, to be active.


If I could join your company, I would like to be an immediate asset.


⑪挑戦(ちょうせん) challenge

when taking a new challenge.


I would like to try my hand at management as well as engineering.


⑫業務(ぎょうむ) task, assignment

It means work.


After joining the company, I would like to challenge myself in a variety of tasks.


⑬専門(せんもん) specialty

It means that I am a professional in a certain field.


Engineering is my specialty and I will be able to work immediately.


The words used in everyday conversation is completely different from the words used in a job interview. Interviews are different, because you need to understand questions that contain a lot of business words and you need to explain your experience in a short and clear way in a limited time.

Therefore, preparation is very important for the interview. What kind of preparation is necessary is to think about how your career can contribute to the company.

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