Job change Support Services

About Us


We provide a job search support services to foreigners living in abroad.

We have thousands of jobs available for foreigners to apply for, mainly engineering jobs.


We also have jobs in industries where foreigners can play an active role such as

hotels, Factories, Interpreters and the restaurant industry.

We will tell you why we have a high job change rate while introducing our services.

Interview with us


We meet with job seekers and introduce jobs that match their past experience and in the industry they wish to work in.

Once you have decided on a company to which you would like to apply, we will prepare the application documents in Japanese, write letter of recommendation to convey your qualifications and prepare other documents on your behalf if you are not a native japanese speaker.

Our career advisors who have helped hundreds of people pass the application screening process will prepare the documents for you.

in order for a company to want to meet with you not only an attractive application is needed, our recruiting advisors can also promote your skills and experience to the hiring manager for you.

By directly asking the company to meet with you, we can significantly increase your chances of passing the scribing process.

Practice for the interview


After passing that application streaming, you will start practicing for the interview.

We will prepare what you want to say at the interview in japanese and you can practice the interview for up to one hour every day.

Since your japanese language level will improve at the same time, our interview pass rate remains relatively high.

Negotiate annual income


It is difficult to negotiate annual income in Japan, and here in japan, it is not acceptable to mention too much about annual income during an interview.

That’s why we negotiate on behalf of the applicants for an increase in annual salary after the job change

We logically communicate the applicant’s market value and contribution points to the company.

Some of our past applicants have achieved an increase of 1 million from their previous annual salary.

After a job offer


Once a job offer is made, there are various arrangements and documents to be completed in preparation for joining the company.

We will handle all the necessary arrangements such as the date and place of employment on your behalf, ando also provide translation service for documents required at your new company.

We will also provide you with information on how to properly resign from your current position and the best time to inform the company of your new job so that you can leave your current position amicably.

After changing jobs, some people have trouble getting used to their new job or are troubled by the change in involvement, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

We help foreign residents to change their jobs and support them after their job change, if you are interested in changing jobs, please contact us.

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