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As a mechanical design engineer, you will be engaged in development work such as mechanism and chassis design and analysis of products and equipment using 3D CAD at the development sites of the company's customers (major manufacturers of automobiles, automotive parts, industrial equipment, etc.).

【Example of work】
Arm Robot] Mechanism design based on specifications
Design and development of plastic molding parts for medical equipment
Hoverbike airframe】Overall design of the structure and mechanism.

Mechanical engineer

¥200,000 〜 ¥370,000
Yearly income : ¥ 3,5000,000 〜 ¥6,500,000
Working hours/
Working hour : 9:00~18:00 (Mondays ~ Fridays)
Days off : Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, New year holidays, etc.
At least 3 year of experience in structural design/complex geometry design.

(Specifically, those with the following experience)
Experience in a series of processes related to design, from specification determination, basic design, detailed design, assembly/production line study work, preparation of design documents and other documents, and parts arrangement
Work location
Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama
Commuting allowance,
housing allowance,
dormitory company housing,
health insurance,
employee pension insurance,
unemployment insurance,
workers' accident compensation insurance,
retirement allowance system
Stable working conditions
The paid leave utilization rate is 70.4%. Overtime pay is paid on a per-minute basis, and the company has achieved a 100% childcare leave utilization rate. The company is also committed to improving its benefits and personnel systems through the labor union and annual ES surveys.
Terms and
Applicants with 技術・人文知識・国際業務 visa can be apply for this position.
Company dormitory is available