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Data analysis work in the advertising domain and development of solutions utilizing AI and technology.

<Specifically, we are looking for
Project management and analysis of data analysis/machine learning projects
Design various UX/communication measures using data as a starting point
Proposals for analysis and its utilization from a new perspective that crosses data analysis and multiple data platforms such as DMP and CDP.
Automation of analysis and utilization by AI, utilization of location information and voice data, utilization of natural language processing in sales, and business utilization of unstructured data
Data strategy concept to establish the optimal direction of data utilization based on the external environment (market/technology/legal, etc.)
Develop and provide solutions in the advertising area, such as TrueLiftModel, X-stack, Reach & Lift, and custom dashboards.
Aggregation and analysis of survey data and various digital marketing data (access logs, purchase logs, location data, etc.)

Data Scientists

Annual income 4,000,000 yen - 15,000,000 yen
Determined by the grade at the time of employment
◆Super Flex
Monthly: 366,438 - 750,588 yen
Annual income: 4.5-10 million yen
◆Flexible with core hours *Some potential
Monthly salary: ¥289,088 - ¥441,225
Annual salary: 3.6-5.5 million yen
◆Professional (Super Flex)
Monthly salary: 623,813 - 1,035,850 yen

Working hours/
Flextime system
Prescribed working hours: 7 hours and 00 minutes
Start and end of work hours: 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Employees are allowed to decide their own start and end time within a certain range.
Flexible hours】5:00〜22:00
Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, annual paid vacations, year-end and New Year vacations (12/29 - 1/3), etc.
Applications from abroad are welcome
High school graduate or above
♦Experience in data analysis (3 years or more is desirable)
 Basic knowledge of statistics (standard: level 2 of the Statistics Proficiency Test)
♦Experience implementing machine learning models using various libraries
♦Experience implementing machine learning models using various libraries.
♦Experience in basic data preprocessing, analysis, and visualization using Python, R, etc.
♦Interest in statistics, machine learning, and cutting-edge technologies
JLPT N1 or higher
Work location
Social insurance: Dentsu Health Insurance Association
We are the only company that accepts applications from overseas residents.
We also provide support from preparation of application documents in Japanese, preparation for interviews, job offers, visa support, company housing, etc. to the start of employment.