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Jobs in Japan you can apply for from abroad / 株式会社チェンジジョブ


①Development of web applications, business systems, embedded software, etc. from major projects.
≪Web and open systems≫
Development of major financial systems
Development of AI-related systems and web applications
Android applications and various development in the smartphone field
Development of EC sites and portal sites
≪Business Systems≫
Customer Management System Development
Medical and welfare system development
Customer System Development, Operation and Maintenance
≪Embedded Control Software Development≫
Automotive Control System Development
IoT Image Processing Control Development
②Network / server operation and maintenance, design and construction, mainly for major manufacturer's projects.
・Design and construction of cloud platforms (AWS, Azure)
・Network infrastructure planning, proposal, design, construction, and operational design work
・Design and construction of servers and cloud computing using virtualization technologies (Hyper-V and VMware)
・Construction and operation of LTE and smartphone related networks
・Operation and maintenance of servers (Windows, Linux)

IT Engineer(海外からの応募OK)

Monthly salary: 210,000 yen - 500,000 yen
Salary increase: Once a year
Bonus: Twice a year
Working hours/
9:00 - 18:00
2 days off per week (Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)
122 days off per year
Applications from abroad are welcome
①Development Engineer
・System development experience
・Experience in web system development
(Java, PHP, Perl,, etc.)
・Embedded software development experience
(C, C++, VC++, etc.)

②Infrastructure Engineer
・Experience in network or server related work
・Experience in network or server design, construction, maintenance and operation
JLPT N2 or higher
Work location
Various types of social insurance
Dormitory and company housing system
Retirement allowance system
In-house training
Subsidies for travel expenses to return home
Lump-sum relocation allowance
Assistance with moving expenses
Relocation expense subsidy
We are the only company that accepts applications from overseas residents.
We also provide support from preparation of application documents in Japanese, preparation for interviews, job offers, visa support, company housing, etc. to the start of employment.