Why your annual salary will decrease when you change jobs.

We talk about annual income when changing jobs. The person we recently helped was able to increase his annual salary by 1 Million. But that is very rare. Usually, annual income doesn’t increase that much. We will explain in detail about the annual salary of Japanese companies.

This is a question from a person who wants to change jobs.

My annual salary has dropped after changing jobs. Why is this? Should I look for another company that will increase my annual salary?


Annual income doesn’t increase

Annual income doesn’t increase when changing jobs. In fact, even Japanese people often see their annual income decrease when they change jobs. There are three cases in which changing jobs can increase annual income.

① You are head-handed or hired for positions such as department manager.

② When you have grad skills that no one else has.

③ When your market value is high.


Reasons for lower income

Regarding Japanese companies’ annual income is not raised by changing jobs. It is a matter of working hard at your new job and giving the best results. For example, let’s say your current annual salary is 4 million yen.

The reason why your annual income will go down is because the company that hires you has no guarantee that you will be able to perform to the level of 4 million yen at the new company.

The 4 million yen is the evaluation at your current company and when you enter a new company, the working environment will be completely different.

The things you will learn on a job will also be different, so you will have to start from scratch. The company thinks that you will not be able to perform at 4 million yen in the first year after changing jobs.


・When a company hires a new person, they are often faced with a number of questions,

・What if they don’t fit in well in their new environment?

・What if they don’t do as well as they thought they would?

・What if they quit after a year?


Therefore, the company puts a lot of effort into recruiting.


Let’s look at it from the company’s perspective.

You are the hiring manager of a company. You are interviewing a foreigner who is not a native speaker of the language. During the interview, you asked about his previous experience, but the applicant is not able to answer well.

You can’t confirm information such as can his skill really be matched at this project. You wouldn’t hire him if you cannot confirm such information like that.

If you hire him and he doesn’t perform as well as you expect, you will have to take responsibility. Are you willing to take that risk? If you can’t communicate your past experience and how you can contribute, you will not be hired?


How to increase income

There are ways to increase your annual salary when changing jobs.

① Tell past experience and how you can contribute to the company. In an interview,

② Increase your market value at your current company.

③ Use a job change agent like us.


① Communicate your experience and points of contribution during the interview.

Your annual salary may increase if you can tell in a viewer about your work experience and accomplishments you have had in the past. Give targeted answers to the interviewer’s questions.

② Raise your market value.

While improving your skills in your current position, try to acquire your qualifications related to the job. Also improve your Japanese language skills. Unlike Japanese national’s non-Japanese nationals can speak English. Giving you an advantage in terms of bilingualism.

③ Use a job change agent.

An agent can communicate with companies in Japanese on your behalf about your past experience and how you can contribute to the company. They can also negotiate your annual salary before the interview starts.


As a carrier advisor. when I ask people who want to change jobs about their desired annual salary, many of them answer that they would like to increase their salary by 1 million. From the Japanese point of view a 1 million increase is not possible when changing jobs.

If you are asked about your desired annual salary at an interview and you tell them that it is 1 million more than your current salary, you will not be hired at that point.

Of course, you can tell them that you’d like to increase your annual salary. However, if you can provide a rational and validity for the 1 million increases, you may be able to get an increase.

Here is the advice. When changing jobs, think about what you want to achieve. Increasing your annual salary will require more work and less time for yourself. A decrease in annual income will give you more time for yourself.

There are many ways to improve your benefits, package not your annual income. If you only look at the immediate money, you will fail.

Think about what you want to achieve by changing jobs.


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